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Essential interaction!

The key to getting the most out of ‘social networking’ is to actually engage in quality interactions – to reflect and respond to information/ knowledge/ comments shared by others in the network.  The Hayes & Papworth graphic below is part of a slideshare that outlined the progression an individual goes through from their initial choice to participate, right through to evaluating the influence they are having on the viewing public. Some may only use the first three of the five phases . . . .

Involve   /   Create   /   Discuss   /   Promote   /   Measure.

I’ve taken the first two steps – become involved and have begun to create content.  I’m still building my experience and knowledge to the point of being sufficiently confident about discussing the concepts (I could probably share my challenges to this point – dare I expose my ignorance?), and the planned ‘project’ will be my first attempt to promote and connect with a group of teachers with a common interest.  Yes, and even measure the project’s success through evaluating exposure, participation, interest and effect.

‘Bear in mind that social media is all about conversations and guess what:    you can / should / have to be, part of them.’

Network progression
The Fred Cavazza site also gives a graphic without the flow of involvement and was produced in 2008 and thus some older tools are mentioned and new ones not listed.

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