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Technical Hitches

A crowd of INF506 folk learning about new places in SL. 24th Jan

During a quick reminder visit to Second Life this afternoon to practise my moves I found all was well, so I logged out to return later for the organised tour.  The return visit was not so successful – others could hear me, but I couldn’t hear them and couldn’t work out why – it was like being deaf in a room full of speakers! My earlier visits to Second Life had been fairly successful – and I know with persistence I’ll improve my skills.  I was hoping to visit the ‘instructional’ sites to see how this virtual place can be used as a learning tool.  The snippets I saw suggests a self-paced ‘read-on-line’ information selection with links to helpful people I assume (perhaps delayed if they aren’t in the space at the time).  Still lots to learn!

I’m up close to the big board in the snapshot.  Went to investigate one of the towers and never came back!


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