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Bringing it all together . . .

While on my Work Placement at a P-12 college, I noticed that most ‘handout’ and booklet material had included some attribution to the creator.  I decided to go back and have a closer look at Creative Commons and learn how to do that on my own work.  So . . . I now have the symbols on the home page of my blog site and plan to use it on any future work I create. Will discuss this concept with colleagues at our face-to-face TL Network meeting this Thursday and add a similar widget to the TLsConnecting Blog.

Ideas connect and build . . .

Ideas connect and build . . .

Having gone into my ‘Dashboard’ to add a Creative Commons licence to my right sidebar (long overdue), I also noticed that the last 6 blog posts have been completed through my social book-marking connections. Namely – Scoopit and Pinterest.  Both active and visually appealing places where I have RSS feeds finding me links based on topics I’ve chosen.  Every other day I check the links that have been collected together for me and check out the ones I believe warrant closer inspection and then save some of the links and images to my own sites (boards and topics).  Adding the link to my blog site was made easy earlier this year when Scoopit added a ‘pop-up’ that allowed me to send out a tweet about my find and/or place it directly onto my blog site.  I like the idea – seems an efficient and effective way of saving and sharing the things I’ve found.  What these links do lack (since they are placed quickly) is the categorisation and tagging I usually give to my posts.  I need to check in and do that ‘little thing’ – to include them in my ‘searching system’ – as an item within my collection, each is desperately in need of ‘description’ – so I can later find them through their access points!  So, the concepts I’m learning in ETL505 I am able to apply to my own digital collection. Wow, I feel like I am bringing it all together?!*


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An Infographic Guide to Social Media | EdTech Magazine

Having thrown myself head-long into ‘Social Media’ about 18 months ago – I am continually reaping the benefits and expanding my horizons – particularly through Twitter.

‘Horizons’ – is significant today because I’ve just begun to ‘follow’ via Twitter the National Media Consortium (#NMChz) site that produces the Horizons Report each year in June/July.  I have read and considered each of the reports for the last two years while building my capacity in information access.

A Printable Guide to Social Media [#Infographic] | EdTech Magazine.

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Tweet flight path . . .

The things you learn via a Tweet!!

Did you investigate my ‘Storify’ of the SLAQ2012 Conference tweets?  Well the following week, there was a Tech gathering in Sydney that I followed ‘virtually’ (actually Friday only – those tech people are prolific!). The couple of tweets to the right came through on the day (I had to edit out quite a bit – they’re big on retweeting!!)  I didn’t realise I’d be wearing two of those hats!! (costumes!- been to any P parties lately??).  Then I found this tweet today linked to one of the chaps who had been in Sydney and gone home to add to this blog. Thought it might be interesting to share the link here.

It takes you to the Getting Smart Blog.  Guest writer Frank Catalano shared what he saw as three trends happening in technology – the third one about e-non-fiction becoming more accessible – looks most interesting for librarians.        http://bit.ly/Lkg1qD

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