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Advocacy for the TL position . . . continues . . . .

The process has to go beyond the mumbles and grumbles of those who can see the writing on the wall!

This published article documents the process the TL network in the ACT used to ‘shore up the leak’ of available positions.



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Top Five Skills Required for Librarians Today & Tomorrow I LAC Group

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Because today’s librarians must be experts in dealing with both physical and digital information, we have identified the Top 5 skills every librarian must have, or develop, in order to succeed now and into the future.

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Well said in conclusion: "Librarians who adopt these (listed) skills will revitalize their careers, increase the visibility and viability of their profession, and become valued as the important information management professionals they are."  That’s certainly what we all need to do!


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Compiling the DDC numbers.

The Dewey Decimal System is one of the most challenging of the topics I have studied in the course so far.  Although I am a fairly logical person, I find it quite difficult and at times frustrating to understand the process of allocating numbers after the decimal point in DDC23.

A solution for every challenge

A solution for every challenge

Most schools in my experience, use Schools Online Information System (SCIS) to download the bibliographic information needed for the commercially purchased objects.  Only if items are locally produced will TLs have to allocate Dewey numbers to resources.  On the subject forum students are questioning the need for us to learn Dewey to this extent. However, what better way to understand the principles behind the system, and to realise the value in common vocabularies and metadata than to have to allocate the numbers ourselves.  The use of the online WebDewey to complete study exercises and the assignment is giving us the knowledge and practice that may well be vital to the future retrieval of information for many searchers.

Education Services Australia Ltd. (2013). School Library Services.  retrieved 24th September 2013 from http://www.esa.edu.au/services/school-library-services

Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC). (2011). WebDewey. Retrieved on Sept 24th, 2013 from http://www.dewey.org/webdewey/standardSearch.html

Image: Personal collection.

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A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint

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Have you ever Googled yourself ? Have you ever checked your virtual identity? Do you know that you leave a digital footprint every time you get online? Do you know that whatever you do online is accumulated into a digital dossier traceable by others ? These and several other similar questions are but the emerging tip of the sinking iceberg.One that is packed full of concerns related to issues of our online identity and privacy issues.


Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Some good teaching ideas and short video to use as discussion starters!

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Reading in Paradise

Liz & Carey reading at Festival Cairns

Liz & Carey reading at Festival Cairns

‘Paradise on the Esplanade’ was the place for kids to be on the opening day of the Cairns Festival in August.  

There was a range of creative and fun activities to be enjoyed including roving performers, mask making and cloth printing. As children waited with their numbered ticket for the popular face painting, they were attracted to the floor rug and appealing array of picture books. The Cairns and District Teacher-librarian Network again entertained with a two-hour stint of story reading.

Teddy bears, songs, a magic hat, audience participation and iPad versions were some of the ‘bag of tricks’ that showcased some great children’s picture books to the youngsters. Some children stayed for several stories whilst their parents were nearby checking their email or being entertained by the story reading as well. Some came back again after the family had perused other activities.

Involvement in the volunteer activity gave us a chance to promote reading as well as the role of teacher-librarians in schools. Our banner was displayed to help with this advocacy.


iPad story interaction w Liz


Carey w more than 1 ‘Magic Hat’

“Thanks for sharing  the books again this year. It was wonderful to hear the dramatic reading and see the children entertained.”  Owen, Cairns Festival liaison person.

“I really enjoyed your reading of those stories. The kids were very interested and loved it,” said a pleased mum.

Liz Jorgensen and Carey Leahy  (TLs on leave Term 3, 2013)

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Designing Research Assignments

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Designing assignments to develop information literacy skills via #Drew http://t.co/LGb562TIRi

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

The essential steps inthe research process with the ‘digital citizenship’ factor added in too. Then suggestions for assignment styles that could support the development of the IL skills.

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