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Creating a path – to find!

Wiki Pathfinder for Year 7 History Unit

Wiki Pathfinder for Year 7 History Unit

Wow, found this missive has been sitting in the ‘Drafts’ section for some time and thought I should get it out there!

The process of creating a pathfinder was challenging yet satisfying.  The task really brought relevancy to the kinds of collaborative teaching and planning that a TL can do with classroom teachers.  Ideally, the TL and the teacher together would identify the inquiry topic and assessment tasks, then research the types of resources that would be needed for these specific tasks and the level of language literacy ability within the student group.  Agreement will have been reached about the content of the site and which pages might be interactive for the students.  The ‘editing’ ability for the T and TL would need to be agreed too.  The focused selection of appropriate resources and task-specific information saves countless fruitless hours of ‘Google’ searching.  More time will be spent assessing and using the resources that have been evaluated by a TL as being uselful, relevant and authoritative. Access to a pathfinder or learning website would be a great reference for students and staff as they progress through the unit and whole research process.  The interactive features allow ‘feedback’ information the be considered for evaluation of the learning and effectiveness of the tool.

Although on this occassion, I didn’t produce this pathfinder in collaboration with a colleague, the process of planning and creating the site was a valuable learning experience for future use.  Creating a template for the pathfinder has now given me a format to use as an example for future reference.

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Preparing Teachers to Teach Writing Using Technology

See on Scoop.itTeaching through Libraries

Technology is changing not only how people write, but also how they learn to write. These profound changes require teachers to reconsider their pedagogical practices in the teaching of writing. This books shares instructional approaches from experienced teacher educators in the areas of writing, teacher education, and technology.

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Suggestions and examples for teachers at several stages of experience.

Note 4 me – Comic Life information p163.

See on www.etc.cmu.edu

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Designing Research Assignments

See on Scoop.itTeaching through Libraries

Designing assignments to develop information literacy skills via #Drew http://t.co/LGb562TIRi

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

The essential steps inthe research process with the ‘digital citizenship’ factor added in too. Then suggestions for assignment styles that could support the development of the IL skills.

See on users.drew.edu

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Literature to encourage empathy

A guest post on ‘Media Specialists GuideIMG_1407‘ that has struck a chord for me is well worth the read.  It’s reference is to literature that could enable students to experience situations that may otherwise be unknown to them – and encourage feelings of empathy for people in challenging situations.  Wonder by R.J. Palacio certainly did that for me – it is ‘wonderful’!

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Learning changes . . .

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Digital Natives and tattoos – sharing these slides . . .

Found this ‘Slideshare’ through my Scoopit curation tool and thought I’d share with you all!  Usable in a number of situations.

I particularly like the concept of a ‘digital tattoo’ – though even the permanence factor of a tattoo seems to elude many young people.

Presentation by Brianna Anderson, Debbie Larsen, Kari Stevenson, and Andrea Varry.

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Providing Resources (Teaching/Learning)

In response to an ‘information search’ task set in ETL501, the following passage highlights some of the processes I considered to complete the activity. (Connected, but not included here is a completed table of student tasks and digital resource covering the full range of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Plan to ‘Tag-my-Doc’ for future access.)

ETL501 Forum entry July 2012

Searching for specific resources to support a unit of study covering the levels
of Bloom’s Taxonomy (& constructivist learning philosophy) requires key search terms – for reference books and online sources. Chosen resources need to be relevant to the task, varied in format and broad enough to enable individual choices within the unit tasks.

Yep, I ‘Googled it!’ With quite a bit of clicking to find relevant information within each site; I chose three that provided most of the pertinent information: http://www.environment.sa.gov.au ; http://www.sawater.com.au/SAWater/ and http://www.epa.sa.gov.au/ The sites chosen have diagrams (water cycles) and a video relating to conservation for visual learners. These sites have free access and I believe are ‘reputable’ – with Gov authority. A catalogue search (SCIS, school and Council library) could be carried out for possible print resources to supplement these, with purchases made if deemed necessary. The first 6 tasks are at the lower thinking level, while in the later 6 tasks, the students would use the knowledge they’ve gained to complete/construct their responses to compare, assess, design, plan, argue persuasively and finally assess human impact at a higher cognitive level. (Consider technologies suitable for the multi-modal presentation of task results.)
New teacher/ Geography Unit. Initial discussion to source some resources (ie. syllabus/ non-fiction) immediately and further search results could be emailed to the teacher and a collaborative planning session scheduled. Action would continue with a catalogue search of the school and Council libraries for print and digital items (to inform both teacher and students); a check online & on-shelf for reference material (definitions, maps, recent articles); brainstorm for possible research questions with a view to focusing on Australian Curriculum General Capabilities (Sustainability, Indigenous Perspectives) and consideration given to TL involvement in sessions where Inquiry-based learning is active; consider setting up an interactive wiki with information, links and tasks for students to access 24/7. In Ed Qld this could be within a Virtual Classroom or EdStudio within The LearningPlace. If it’s established that suitable resources are quite limited then further investigation for suitable purchases will occur in a timely manner.

 Images: Personal collection.

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