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Tweet flight path . . .

The things you learn via a Tweet!!

Did you investigate my ‘Storify’ of the SLAQ2012 Conference tweets?  Well the following week, there was a Tech gathering in Sydney that I followed ‘virtually’ (actually Friday only – those tech people are prolific!). The couple of tweets to the right came through on the day (I had to edit out quite a bit – they’re big on retweeting!!)  I didn’t realise I’d be wearing two of those hats!! (costumes!- been to any P parties lately??).  Then I found this tweet today linked to one of the chaps who had been in Sydney and gone home to add to this blog. Thought it might be interesting to share the link here.

It takes you to the Getting Smart Blog.  Guest writer Frank Catalano shared what he saw as three trends happening in technology – the third one about e-non-fiction becoming more accessible – looks most interesting for librarians.        http://bit.ly/Lkg1qD

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