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Curation as learning in information literacy ~ libfocus – Irish library blog

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RT @MMichelleMoore: Curation as learning in information literacy ~ libfocus – Irish library blog: http://t.co/lNUKYu4lRb

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Site explains well how curating information is a valuable ‘filtering’ infoLit skill!

See on www.libfocus.com

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An Action Plan for All Seasons | Project Advocacy | School Library …

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The importance of advocacy is evident to us during a crisis. When our libraries are threatened or our staff faces cuts, then we leap into motion. But we should be mindful of advocacy every day. With social media tools, we can …

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

It’s all about building your own skills and capacity to support your particular clients and the curriculum you work within.

See on www.slj.com

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20 Ways Libraries Are Using Pinterest Right Now – Edudemic

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Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm, and it isn’t just popular with individual users.

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

The ‘image’ is the go!

See on www.edudemic.com

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A taste of libraries ‘out there’ . . .

The Brisbane study visit started yesterday with the amazing State Library of Queensland (SLQ) – a huge complex with a matching mission and goals to achieve it! The team of over 250 staff have such a variety of skills and roles, and match this up to connect information to as many Queenslanders as possible.  They do it in some incredible  ‘on-site, on-line & off-site’ ways.  Such a busy and generous place. One day wasn’t really enough to do the place justice.

State Library Qld

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Digital Natives and tattoos – sharing these slides . . .

Found this ‘Slideshare’ through my Scoopit curation tool and thought I’d share with you all!  Usable in a number of situations.

I particularly like the concept of a ‘digital tattoo’ – though even the permanence factor of a tattoo seems to elude many young people.

Presentation by Brianna Anderson, Debbie Larsen, Kari Stevenson, and Andrea Varry.

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Tweet flight path . . .

The things you learn via a Tweet!!

Did you investigate my ‘Storify’ of the SLAQ2012 Conference tweets?  Well the following week, there was a Tech gathering in Sydney that I followed ‘virtually’ (actually Friday only – those tech people are prolific!). The couple of tweets to the right came through on the day (I had to edit out quite a bit – they’re big on retweeting!!)  I didn’t realise I’d be wearing two of those hats!! (costumes!- been to any P parties lately??).  Then I found this tweet today linked to one of the chaps who had been in Sydney and gone home to add to this blog. Thought it might be interesting to share the link here.

It takes you to the Getting Smart Blog.  Guest writer Frank Catalano shared what he saw as three trends happening in technology – the third one about e-non-fiction becoming more accessible – looks most interesting for librarians.        http://bit.ly/Lkg1qD

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Stay on Focus

The whole article makes interesting reading . . . some about how communities build online.


May 11, 2012, 9:12 a.m.


Howard Rheingold on how the five web literacies are becoming essential survival skills

The veteran technology commentator argues that a better understanding of how we connect our attention and intentions online can help individuals and society.

… In that way, attention connects with participation and collaboration. The act of sharing not only builds intelligence but shows good faith in a community. It also has a reinforcing quality; once you go from being a passive part of a community to liking, retweeting, and curating, you increase your activity as well as your value. The act of transforming information into knowledge and making it usable to people will always have value, no matter what platforms exist, Rheingold said.

“The proliferation of media has not stopped — if anything it has gone into hyperdrive,” he said. “If you want to keep up with anything, it’s not about keeping up with technologies, it’s about keeping up with literacies.”

Photo of Rheingold by MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito used under a Creative Commons license.

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