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Graphic presentations

The effectiveness of an image to present or enhance your message has long been known -‘A picture paints a thousand words’.  The use of a ‘graphic’ to represent a specific concept is a bonus for many learners – especially visual learners.  To be able to present a message through multimodal formats means the effect can be even further reaching.  There is a growing number of software applications that enable users to get their information across in various user-friendly formats that can be revisited at their leisure.  The use of webcasts and screenshots enable us to assist clients at their ‘point of need’ (Farkas, 2007) and these are being used on many Library sites.  There is a growing use of ‘Infographics‘ to represent information in a quick and visual way and the dynamic nature of a Prezi makes it an interesting variation on the standard poster for use through a digital medium. Here is a link to a Prezi created by Sue Carr to encourage consideration of what’s involved in a contemporary ‘socially networked’ library.

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