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Langwitches Blog | The Magic of Learning

Langwitches Blog | The Magic of Learning.  Silvia has a great ‘turn of phrase’ – and this is one of them.

Shown in images and words she is getting across a message about how we can work and learn to make it all a little more seamless.

Workflow and Learnflow

Join the flow of fluency!

Join the flow of fluency!

Image: Personal collection.


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An Action Plan for All Seasons | Project Advocacy | School Library …

See on Scoop.itTeaching through Libraries

The importance of advocacy is evident to us during a crisis. When our libraries are threatened or our staff faces cuts, then we leap into motion. But we should be mindful of advocacy every day. With social media tools, we can …

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

It’s all about building your own skills and capacity to support your particular clients and the curriculum you work within.

See on www.slj.com

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An Infographic Guide to Social Media | EdTech Magazine

Having thrown myself head-long into ‘Social Media’ about 18 months ago – I am continually reaping the benefits and expanding my horizons – particularly through Twitter.

‘Horizons’ – is significant today because I’ve just begun to ‘follow’ via Twitter the National Media Consortium (#NMChz) site that produces the Horizons Report each year in June/July.  I have read and considered each of the reports for the last two years while building my capacity in information access.

A Printable Guide to Social Media [#Infographic] | EdTech Magazine.

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Curating for learning

Though I liked lots about this Slideshare and have been finding professional value in curating for some time, I feel there needs to be more emphasis placed on the fact that we too, act as filters as we ‘choose’ items/articles to collect.  Too little has ‘value added’ to it by commenting on what we think about it; our experiences and ideas related to the item.  The spread of our PLN will help to broaden opinion and exposure to variety in the information from which we can choose during any curation exercise.


Value add for learning.

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The Future of School Libraries – YouTube

The Future of School Libraries – YouTube.

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Tweet flight path . . .

The things you learn via a Tweet!!

Did you investigate my ‘Storify’ of the SLAQ2012 Conference tweets?  Well the following week, there was a Tech gathering in Sydney that I followed ‘virtually’ (actually Friday only – those tech people are prolific!). The couple of tweets to the right came through on the day (I had to edit out quite a bit – they’re big on retweeting!!)  I didn’t realise I’d be wearing two of those hats!! (costumes!- been to any P parties lately??).  Then I found this tweet today linked to one of the chaps who had been in Sydney and gone home to add to this blog. Thought it might be interesting to share the link here.

It takes you to the Getting Smart Blog.  Guest writer Frank Catalano shared what he saw as three trends happening in technology – the third one about e-non-fiction becoming more accessible – looks most interesting for librarians.        http://bit.ly/Lkg1qD

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Conference Capture!

We did Connect; found leads and links to Create, and finally were given some tips on taking up the essential Challenge!  SLAQ2012 was in town!

Attending a conference is inspirational and motivational!!  There’s always so much to think about.  Though one does need to choose just a few of the new things encountered to ‘take on-board’.  Now to take action!  Willi at conferenceOn the first day the indigenous speakers (Boori & Willi) have made me feel there are certainly some quiet aboriginal men who believe that all Australian children need to know the indigenous stories connected to the land so we all value it!  They are finding ways to achieve that goal.

The keynote by JennyLuca was certainly a call to ‘know your core business’.  The new Australian curriculum has many opportunities to extend children’s information literacy . . . and to get them on-line writing and interacting and creating.  We teachers need to experience what is out there (digitally) and move with the times.  She gave some examples of software and apps being used in schools.  I investigated Storify as a place to collect tweets from a conference such as this one.  So I did it!!  You’ll find my collection of Tweets etc in my Storify site – http://storify.com/CareyLeahy/slaq2012.  I’ve also uploaded photos taken over the 4 days to Flickr (SLAQ2012), and added a couple more capable TLs/Techs to my PLN (and twitter groups like #VicPLN).

Registration  Lyn Hay’s keynote address reiterated these ideas and suggested we should try to ‘Thrive rather than just    Survive’.  We need to know our core business and be visible.  If we could choose 3 of the suggestions put forward and work to make them happen – she’d feel successful.  Later in a session she gave some practical examples of where evidence of the TLs work could be recorded/documented. We need this to show our worth! Noted that the Joyce/Buffy folk follow the ‘quick and dirty’ technique of getting the information into digital format and archived that day.  Don’t make a big deal of it – just do it!  The complete SlideShare will be available on the SLAQ site to members.

Mandy Lupton showed some of the deficiencies in the Australian curriculum especially associated with information literacy acquition.  She suggested that much of the research we ask students to complete is ‘re-search’ – the finding of facts already known.  Instead, we should be expecting inquiry-based learning where current, relevant questions are asked, answered and presented in a way to demonstrate info literacy (IL) – and may lead to even more questions.  KWHLAQ will expand the old KWL to include the final Actions and then new Questions.  These are the ideal skill requirements of future citizens.  We should be considering  Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) as the best approach to achieve critical thinking skills and IL aswell.  Mandy has also investigated the Australian Curriculum and found some places where these IL skills/processes were not evident in the current curriculum content and requirements.  She will be worth watching for the Blog she is planning to begin in the near future.

My goals will be to go back to the Australian Curriculum and know it well for my primary students (especially the General Capabilities) and to continue to expand my personal digital literacy skills and PLN and also to engage students in an appropriate digital environment.

Images: Personal collection of Careyque2.

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