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Aural stories

The monthly newsletter from GoodReads reminded me of the Thomas Keneally story ‘Daughters of Mars’  that I had listened to in audio earlier this year – wonderful!

. . .  and I was reminded again of the various books I have ‘listened’ to during the last year or so – books like the Stig Larsen trilogy (European names), John Flannagan’s Brotherband series and a Nth American fiction set in the pioneering days (Mohawk language and other unique accents).  Wonderful language made very real by the capable voice of an actor/reader.  So easy to listen to when complex word would have been a stumbling block for me when reading the text.  (Oh, I still have a text novel at my bed-side for reading each night).

With the advent of the technology that can create text from your voice – it is all becoming easier and more verbal/aural to get our message across.

Library Learner oral & aural  - and a red cape!

Library Learner oral & aural – and a red cape!

I like it!

Library Learner

My skin is fair

My eyes are green.

My mind is open

to things unseen.

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On a ‘charity’ role . . .

Sunflower Smile

On a roll within the roles I ‘play’ every day . . .

Found this ‘Draft’ started last September and left incomplete!  The title refers to my involvement in 2 local charities: The Cardiac Challenge (I drove the support vehicle for my partner who rode a bicycle from Cairns to Cooktown over 2.5 days); and in November, I performed in the play ‘Calendar Girls’, and was photographed for and helped sell about 1000,  2013 Calendars to raise funds for a local cancer support group and our own community theatre group.

The sunflower is a significant symbol in the play:

John, dying of cancer writes: “I don’t think there’s anything on this planet that more trumpets life than the sunflower. . . Not because it ‘looks like’ the sun.  Because it follows the sun.  During the course of the day, the head tracks the journey of the sun across the sky.  A satellite dish for sunshine.”

The very successful extended season of play performances was a wonderful experience.  The company, camaraderie and subsequent connections have enriched my life.

It amounted to about a 3 month break from my TL studies – needed I think for a reinvigoration! Apart from the local TL Network gathering and ‘Year End’ function – to keep the connections firing.

Image: Personal collection.

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Face-to-Face (FtF) with slow food.

Pinapples by TL collection
Pinapples, a photo by TL collection on Flickr.

I have been going to Rusty’s markets for over 20 years. I know the growers and I love the contact – FtF – I had some fun taking some photos with limited people in them, because I planned to upload them to my Flickr site and use and share around.

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Random people – surfing for a word!

Some random person made a has made a comment (I’ve trashed it) about my last post completely based around the word ‘poetry’. Hoping – I’m sure – to get me to go to their site about poetry. I re-read my post involving James and his interest in that subject, and realise, that although I’d used that word in the title – I’d hardly made mention of his interest within the message that followed. The random comment I got was completely out of proportion to the level of ‘poetry content’ within the actual post. Having done some reading of “Outsmarting Google” by Evan Bailyn, I feel this person has set up an automatic alert to ‘hone in on’ that particular word – and then sent a generic comment! Are they trying to get site traffic and hits or ‘likes’? We really do have to make some quick value-judgements to avoid wasting our own time!  I’ve consciously decided to document this incident because it will remind me at a later stage in INF503, that there are going to be some ‘drawbacks’ to going public with this social networking.

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Other people’s lives – James & poetry


James Herrings Blog.  I was going back through saved ‘study’ emails and came upon a link to James Herrings blog.  I hadn’t visited it for quite a while – so I did!

Would like to add him to my ‘Blog roll’  – just need to revisit the instructions so I can add him to Heyjude. I enjoy his non-work related snippets and Northern Hemisphere images.  he creates some useful links too. He has made reference to The School Library Journal Blog – so I’m going to create a link to it too. You really could spend a lot of time ‘splashing’ in the surf  and forget exactly where you’ve been – if you don’t organise the information.  (Back to Heyjude for some advise I think!!)

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Age shall not wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety . . .

My ‘special’ day. Have been reading heaps of thoughts on forum entries and thinking about how I could express my own thoughts about the very complex role of a TL in a school. I liked Michelle’s analogy of wearing many ‘hats’ and perhaps managing one’s responsibilities as though one is at a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ . . . being an actor at heart (love dressing up!) – I can relate to that!

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