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Developing visual literacy through infographics | Helen on ICT

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In these days of information overload visual representations offer a useful strategy for helping students see patterns and connections. They also help make (RT @HelenCaldwel: Ideas for developing visual literacy through infographics.

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Heaps of ideas and links to get you started.

See on mypad.northampton.ac.uk


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The infographic is so visual!

Though I haven’t created my own infographic as yet – it’s a goal!  I’m usually impressed with those that I find.  Some more-so than others for their style and colour, others for the incredible information content!  The sample below reflects the move by emerging users to a more mobile connectedness.

Though I tried – it wouldn’t embed for me! So here’s the link!


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An Infographic Guide to Social Media | EdTech Magazine

Having thrown myself head-long into ‘Social Media’ about 18 months ago – I am continually reaping the benefits and expanding my horizons – particularly through Twitter.

‘Horizons’ – is significant today because I’ve just begun to ‘follow’ via Twitter the National Media Consortium (#NMChz) site that produces the Horizons Report each year in June/July.  I have read and considered each of the reports for the last two years while building my capacity in information access.

A Printable Guide to Social Media [#Infographic] | EdTech Magazine.

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Learning Theory – Visually.

Of the published research and science, three of the more popular theories in the last fifty years are behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism. The infographic below reviews the pros and cons of each approach while making a case for connectivism as a response to the age of the internet and information.

via A Visual Primer On Learning Theory

I like the theories visible in one place. Explains a lot in the comparison. Perhaps a little of all four is needed depending on the people involved in the learning situation.

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Graphic presentations

The effectiveness of an image to present or enhance your message has long been known -‘A picture paints a thousand words’.  The use of a ‘graphic’ to represent a specific concept is a bonus for many learners – especially visual learners.  To be able to present a message through multimodal formats means the effect can be even further reaching.  There is a growing number of software applications that enable users to get their information across in various user-friendly formats that can be revisited at their leisure.  The use of webcasts and screenshots enable us to assist clients at their ‘point of need’ (Farkas, 2007) and these are being used on many Library sites.  There is a growing use of ‘Infographics‘ to represent information in a quick and visual way and the dynamic nature of a Prezi makes it an interesting variation on the standard poster for use through a digital medium. Here is a link to a Prezi created by Sue Carr to encourage consideration of what’s involved in a contemporary ‘socially networked’ library.

Farkas, M. G. (2007). What will work @ your library. In Social software in

libraries : building collaboration, communication, and community online

(pp. 233-255). Medford, N.J. : Information Today, Inc.

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