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A friend in my PLN alerted me to an interesting website – that on viewing I felt may not be completely up-to-date.  I was reminded of the comprehensive site set up by Larry Johnson and Annette Lamb about Evaluating Internet Resources.  Prior to working through these processes while building a Topic Pathfinder for assessment in ETL501 (Information Environment), I really was one of those people who mostly just trusted what I accessed online.  As a result of these TL course processes, I now hold a healthy scepticism about information until I have verified its authenticated source.

Be warned - Always learning . .

Be warned – Always learning . .

Not only does this site link to many other sites (such as Kathy Schrock’s), but also lists comprehensive evaluation criteria (I must create a SlideShare based on this!) and concludes with useful activities to test out some of their suggestions.  By finding and using such sites through this course, I have certainly improved my own information literacy in the digital realm.

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