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We Wanted To Talk About 21st Century Education

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This animation was produced on behalf of the Australian delegation to the Global Education Leadership Programme (GELP). It makes the case for making big changes…

Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Says it in a nutshell.  We need to Enable, Engage and Empower youth.  Much of Australia has a fair way to go though!

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Basics of on-line citizenship.

Wow, I’ve finally made a PowerPoint presentation I’m pleased with and uploaded it to SlideShare and now I am embedding it back into my blog!  It’s been a bit of a process – using the software, finding the appropriate images, accurate attribution and acceptable layout for eye-catching publication.  Designed for use with primary students & young adults to consider content and publishing features.

This is such an important aspect of the teacher librarian’s role – to get these ‘safety on-line’ ideas and habits understood happening with all students and teachers.

This is an example of how an ePortfolio can be used as a repository of the artefacts of one’s learning and skill building.  The collecting of ideas and reflections on that development form part of the evaluation process in the learning cycle.  Next I’d like the image to cover the slide and the text to be superimposed.

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Barrett on ePortfolios

While researching how best to present the third aspect of my culminating MEd(TL) course – an ePortfolio covering specified topics – this Helen Barrett (2010) diagram and accompanying article has led me to realise that I’m going to need to create a dedicated site (Wiki or Weebly maybe) where my coalesced thoughts will be hyperlinked back to various objects and points of reflection that demonstrate my developing learning.

Balancing 2 Faces of ePortfolios.

Barrett’s article clearly identifies the two aspects of an ePortfolio:

“An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time . . . The key aspect of an eportfolio is your reflection on the evidence . . . it is more a combination of process (a series of activities) and product (the end result of the ePortfolio process). . .  The real value of an e-portfolio is in the reflection and learning that is documented therein, not just the collection of work.”

. . . upon reflection . . .

. . . upon reflection . . .

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About ePortfolios – what’s my purpose?

The ‘process’ / ‘product’ dichotomy becomes evident when considering the requirements of the ePortfolio that is part of the culminating course of my Masters Degree.  We’re assured it’s a reflection of our learning development into the role of a teacher librarian.  However, the inclusion of digital artefacts and some evidence of growth and alignment towards ‘professional standards’ will surely be a necessary element to demonstrate the attainment of ‘mastery’ level  as an information specialist.

So – on reflection – the whole ‘process’ with samples of ‘product’ – should be evident in the ‘blog’ recordings archived over the past two years.  The additional creation of a ‘Reflective’ ePortfolio (focusing on particular aspects of the role) seems superfluous!  Note to self – give them what they want!

I found the embedded slideshare useful for clarification of my thoughts and ideas for future consideration.

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