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Langwitches Blog | The Magic of Learning

Langwitches Blog | The Magic of Learning.  Silvia has a great ‘turn of phrase’ – and this is one of them.

Shown in images and words she is getting across a message about how we can work and learn to make it all a little more seamless.

Workflow and Learnflow

Join the flow of fluency!

Join the flow of fluency!

Image: Personal collection.

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A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint

See on Scoop.itTeaching through Libraries

Have you ever Googled yourself ? Have you ever checked your virtual identity? Do you know that you leave a digital footprint every time you get online? Do you know that whatever you do online is accumulated into a digital dossier traceable by others ? These and several other similar questions are but the emerging tip of the sinking iceberg.One that is packed full of concerns related to issues of our online identity and privacy issues.


Carey Leahy‘s insight:

Some good teaching ideas and short video to use as discussion starters!

See on www.educatorstechnology.com

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Digital skills

I’ve been trying to improve my digital skills and efficiency – so much to learn and limited time. On the weekend I decided to create a PowerPoint and upload it into SlideShare.  Really basic and only 4 slides (I’ll probably improve on it since I didn’t put my name to it – woops!). I’m going to embed it below.  If you are looking at this blog you’ll also notice that I’ve connected my Scoop.it account the this Blog site and that the last 4 entries are directly from that curation!  I’ve really got to get some of my own thoughts and reflections down in print!

ThreeStepResearch     This is a like to my PP –  Just haven’t got the ’embed’ thing perfected yet!  I’ll have another go later!

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