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Compiling the DDC numbers.

The Dewey Decimal System is one of the most challenging of the topics I have studied in the course so far.  Although I am a fairly logical person, I find it quite difficult and at times frustrating to understand the process of allocating numbers after the decimal point in DDC23.

A solution for every challenge

A solution for every challenge

Most schools in my experience, use Schools Online Information System (SCIS) to download the bibliographic information needed for the commercially purchased objects.  Only if items are locally produced will TLs have to allocate Dewey numbers to resources.  On the subject forum students are questioning the need for us to learn Dewey to this extent. However, what better way to understand the principles behind the system, and to realise the value in common vocabularies and metadata than to have to allocate the numbers ourselves.  The use of the online WebDewey to complete study exercises and the assignment is giving us the knowledge and practice that may well be vital to the future retrieval of information for many searchers.

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