Ebook Resources

E-Books and Libraries:  25 Resources from Kim Johnson

E-Book Collections

  1. 5 e-Book Collections with Over 100,000 Free e-Books – iLibrarian
  2. 15 Best Websites To Find And Download eBooks – Designer Terminal
  3. 20 Websites for Free E-Books– Hongkiat
  4. 80 Online Resources for Book Lovers – Kevin Bondelli
  5. 391 Places for Free Books Online – Gizmo’s Freeware
  6. Internet Archive and Libraries Develop Joint Collection of 80,000+ eBooks – Internet Archive
  7. Download 1 Million Google Books in EPUB Format – Inside Google Books

E-Book Purchasing

  1. The No Shelf Required Guide to E-Book Purchasing – ALA TechSource
  2. 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Apps and Ebooks – ALSC Blog
  3. Open Library Offers Libraries a Third Choice for eBooks – Librarian in Black

E-Book Vendors

  1. Ebook Vendors at #ALA11 – David Lee King
  2. Amazon Kindle Ebooks Now Available in 11,000 Libraries – Mashable
  3. 6 Companies Aiming to Digitize the Textbook Industry – Mashable
  4. The Amazon Lending Library is NOT the Library Apocalypse

E-Book & Libraries Controversy

  1. The eBook User’s Bill of Rights – Librarian in Black
  2. Why the Kindle Will Never Support Library Books – Kindle Review
  3. Library eBook Revolution, Begin – Librarian in Black
  4. More on eBooks and Libraries – Librarian in Black
  5. Ebooks and Libraries: A Stream of Concerns – Meredith Farkas
  6. Penguin Pulls New E-Books From Libraries – Paid Content


  1. So you want to start a Kindle lending program – Code4Lib
  2. eBooks, Privacy, and the Library – INFOdocket
  3. 5 Reasons Why E-Books Aren’t There Yet – Wired Magazine’s Epicenter
  4. 30 Benefits of Ebooks – Epublishers Weekly
  5. The Future Of Libraries In The E-Book Age – NPR

Original Page: http://oedb.org/blogs/ilibrarian/2012/e-books-and-libraries-25-resources/

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