Basics of on-line citizenship.

Wow, I’ve finally made a PowerPoint presentation I’m pleased with and uploaded it to SlideShare and now I am embedding it back into my blog!  It’s been a bit of a process – using the software, finding the appropriate images, accurate attribution and acceptable layout for eye-catching publication.  Designed for use with primary students & young adults to consider content and publishing features.

This is such an important aspect of the teacher librarian’s role – to get these ‘safety on-line’ ideas and habits understood happening with all students and teachers.

This is an example of how an ePortfolio can be used as a repository of the artefacts of one’s learning and skill building.  The collecting of ideas and reflections on that development form part of the evaluation process in the learning cycle.  Next I’d like the image to cover the slide and the text to be superimposed.


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