Aural stories

The monthly newsletter from GoodReads reminded me of the Thomas Keneally story ‘Daughters of Mars’  that I had listened to in audio earlier this year – wonderful!

. . .  and I was reminded again of the various books I have ‘listened’ to during the last year or so – books like the Stig Larsen trilogy (European names), John Flannagan’s Brotherband series and a Nth American fiction set in the pioneering days (Mohawk language and other unique accents).  Wonderful language made very real by the capable voice of an actor/reader.  So easy to listen to when complex word would have been a stumbling block for me when reading the text.  (Oh, I still have a text novel at my bed-side for reading each night).

With the advent of the technology that can create text from your voice – it is all becoming easier and more verbal/aural to get our message across.

Library Learner oral & aural  - and a red cape!

Library Learner oral & aural – and a red cape!

I like it!

Library Learner

My skin is fair

My eyes are green.

My mind is open

to things unseen.


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