Policy for collection development

Completing ETL503 has taught me a great deal about the management of the library and the importance of a ‘published’ Collection Development Policy.'Covers' displayed1

With collection evaluation and then a current collection policy that is targeted to specific school goals, we will not only ensure the resource centre suits the needs of the school (curriculum & students), but also assist the finance committee with timely budget proposal approvals for the library.

The collection map process was enlightning. The number of non-fiction books older that 15 yrs on our shelves was alarming – alerting me to the desperate need to weed. I admit that before reading the literature on weeding I had no idea about the negative implications of outdated literature.  Now I realise that those books take up valuable time and space resources!

Copyright regulations and the Smartcopying website was another eye-opener. I’ll need to keep on top of these rules and as a result of discussions with my colleagues, I will make it my business to support their ‘knowledge’ in this area too.

The discussion processes and formal completion of the collection policy specific to my school, was that most complex application of theory into a practical document that I’ve processed to date.  I now more fully understand the importance of having an ‘official & presentable’ document to support the processes and practices that will be part of the everyday functioning of a particular library.

Images: Personal collection: Library scene.

Library Shelves5


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