About ePortfolios – what’s my purpose?

The ‘process’ / ‘product’ dichotomy becomes evident when considering the requirements of the ePortfolio that is part of the culminating course of my Masters Degree.  We’re assured it’s a reflection of our learning development into the role of a teacher librarian.  However, the inclusion of digital artefacts and some evidence of growth and alignment towards ‘professional standards’ will surely be a necessary element to demonstrate the attainment of ‘mastery’ level  as an information specialist.

So – on reflection – the whole ‘process’ with samples of ‘product’ – should be evident in the ‘blog’ recordings archived over the past two years.  The additional creation of a ‘Reflective’ ePortfolio (focusing on particular aspects of the role) seems superfluous!  Note to self – give them what they want!

I found the embedded slideshare useful for clarification of my thoughts and ideas for future consideration.


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