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Physical shelves and those virtual shelves we can't see

Physical shelves and those virtual shelves we can’t see

The school year is well underway and Uni is officially back next week. I will complete my final 2 subjects this year and my focus is going to be on honing my capacity for ‘professional readiness’. Across the year, one course involves a 4day study visit in our capital city, a 10day work experience practicum and the completion of a ‘Learning and Philosophy’ ePortfolio that can be completed throughout the next 6 months. The second course (Jul – Oct) covers the bibliographic standards in education, – the principles and processes of describing and analysing information within the school context – the data ascribed to each learning object to locate it (and then relocate it) when needed!
I’m already involved in the TL network in our area, and have had membership of SLAQ for a number of years. I was part of the organising committee for the State conference held here in Cairns last July, and will likely continue in the role of FNQ branch Secretary for the coming year following the AGM this evening. During this final quarter of the Masters course, my personal advocacy for a teacher librarian position will continue. My strategies include keeping the TL connections; identifying future directions to keep building my capacity as a valuable teaching-team member (particularly with IT skills) and also communicating to Principals in my area my availability, enthusiasm and flexibility suitable to their school.

Image: Personal collection ‘Books on shelves’


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