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In response to an ‘information search’ task set in ETL501, the following passage highlights some of the processes I considered to complete the activity. (Connected, but not included here is a completed table of student tasks and digital resource covering the full range of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Plan to ‘Tag-my-Doc’ for future access.)

ETL501 Forum entry July 2012

Searching for specific resources to support a unit of study covering the levels
of Bloom’s Taxonomy (& constructivist learning philosophy) requires key search terms – for reference books and online sources. Chosen resources need to be relevant to the task, varied in format and broad enough to enable individual choices within the unit tasks.

Yep, I ‘Googled it!’ With quite a bit of clicking to find relevant information within each site; I chose three that provided most of the pertinent information: ; and The sites chosen have diagrams (water cycles) and a video relating to conservation for visual learners. These sites have free access and I believe are ‘reputable’ – with Gov authority. A catalogue search (SCIS, school and Council library) could be carried out for possible print resources to supplement these, with purchases made if deemed necessary. The first 6 tasks are at the lower thinking level, while in the later 6 tasks, the students would use the knowledge they’ve gained to complete/construct their responses to compare, assess, design, plan, argue persuasively and finally assess human impact at a higher cognitive level. (Consider technologies suitable for the multi-modal presentation of task results.)
New teacher/ Geography Unit. Initial discussion to source some resources (ie. syllabus/ non-fiction) immediately and further search results could be emailed to the teacher and a collaborative planning session scheduled. Action would continue with a catalogue search of the school and Council libraries for print and digital items (to inform both teacher and students); a check online & on-shelf for reference material (definitions, maps, recent articles); brainstorm for possible research questions with a view to focusing on Australian Curriculum General Capabilities (Sustainability, Indigenous Perspectives) and consideration given to TL involvement in sessions where Inquiry-based learning is active; consider setting up an interactive wiki with information, links and tasks for students to access 24/7. In Ed Qld this could be within a Virtual Classroom or EdStudio within The LearningPlace. If it’s established that suitable resources are quite limited then further investigation for suitable purchases will occur in a timely manner.

 Images: Personal collection.

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