For a visual learner . . .

Early in the Curriculum Resourcing course of study – I realised there was a need for a more ‘visual’ description of how to use the CSU forum tool.  I decided to create a ‘screencast’ to try to demonstrate a few of the usage tricks to my fellow students.  Some inexperienced students were putting all their thoughts into one area instead of locating the sub-forums (threads) that help to organise the sections of the subject (modules / assignments) and the responses to particular posts.  Although the vocals are a bit stilted, I am quite pleased with the result – and the positive response by a number of students has made me see it was worth the effort!  Several other ‘visual’ learners also appreciated the information presented in this way.

Looking ahead, I was reading about the attributes of an ePortfolio (need to get mine together for ETL507 next year), and decided that the Screencast I’d created for ETL503 students (and posted on that forum) – was a perfect example of a digital item/learning object that I should  document in my ePortfolio.  So now it is – set in BLOG!  I also took some screen-shots of a few of the student’s responses. (The lecturers were conspicuous by their absence.)


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