Scannable QR Codes!

Last weekend I found a QR Code sticker on the back of the public loo door near the Port Douglas Surf Club – so I scanned it and discovered a QLD tourist advertising company keeping information online about Port’s ‘Carnivale’.  Amazing where you find the technology out there!  Some of us had our first experience of QR Codes at the Diffendoofer Day last year at Whitfield SS. Good fun competition using the codes – and everyone was a winner!

I’ve used TagMyDoc to put a QR Code onto a document and stored it in the ‘cloud’ – I’m now planning to upload the code to that document into this post – if you can scan the code on this page, you should get to lots of links to eBook information.

I’ve shortened the URL links to three blog articles (using about QR Codes in classrooms.  I’ve put them together into a ‘bundle’ to come up with the one short link.  This link will take you to the bundle of the three sites I collected.

Quite informative and adds interest to classes with the mobile facilities (scanner!) – but I don’t believe everything in teaching can be made easier by adding a scannable code!  Quick and easy – once you have and know the tools!

PS Also added EasyBib to my App collection – when you scan the barcode on the back of a book, the citation is recorded for you to store or email on to an address.  Great for students at all levels.


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