Balance with a PLN

I’d read and experienced enough to realize that Web2.0 and Library2.0 are where more librarians and libraries were headed in the future, and with a little interactive experience under my belt through previous subjects (Forums, Learning/ Reflection Blog, Delicious, Google Docs, Neatchat, Wikispaces and Skype), I elected to study INF506 (Social Networking for Information Professionals) across the Summer.   In at the deep end, I’m still managing to surface occasionally between Facebook, Flickr, Socialmedia project blog, research, more bookmarking, Secondlife and Twitter.  I’ve certainly collected the connections!!  I have now got links to blogs and web sites, aggregators sending me articles to check daily and email alerts about post hits and uploads happening elsewhere.  I’m registered to participate in four focused network groups – though at this stage I’ve not contributed much to the discussion.

I feel that the connections I’ve created are positioning me well within a diverse Professional Learning Network (PLN).  Some local – that include face-to-face, and others I only know online through common interests. Below is a graphic created on PersonalBrain highlighting the connections in my network.

PLN Carey Jan2012

Professional Learning Network

According to the five stages of PLN adoption described by Jeff Utecht– I’m probably still in the ‘Immersion’ stage with some personal ‘Evaluation’ happening.  I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m through the ‘Know it All’ stage and have ‘Perspective’ to then ensure ‘Balance’ in learning and living.

Back to those connections – I’ve now bookmarked, scooped and deliciously linked to lots of inspiring and informative individuals and groups – though the filtering is still in progress.  Slowly but surely I am learning to recognize ‘sales pitch’ and the rehash!  I’ve admired the concept of curation and worked out the difference between good curation and simple regurgitation (sic!).  I’m improving with the personal ‘slant’ I add to the things I want to collect and share.

With the New Year many folk are resolving to find ways to manage the plethora of information and thereby save time.  The goal is to balance one’s time on and offline for a healthy lifestyle.  Happily, my innate ability to balance all the essentials and interests in my life, means that I’m not suffering an addiction to my computer and its connections.  I still cook, eat and exercise daily and then read a few pages of a novel on retiring at night!  I do still love a good story in a printed book!



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