More than collecting information . . .

Having been away from the computer for four days – I came back to a backlog of things to deal with.  Through! I’m collecting information on various topics under three curated sites.  Decided one of the links was worth sending to the sissocialmedia site and then went investigating to check what had been happening through that delicious site in the last period.  The Blog entry by Lyn Hay  relating to ‘curating’ caught my eye and was a gentle reminder.

that the art of ‘curating’ is more than just ‘collecting’ the links (I do visit each original site and evaluate for personal relevance before rescooping) – however, I often rescoop the links I value without adding any of my own comments.  In doing this, I am devaluing my own opinion – and need to work at adding my perspective.  I guess the goal of establishing the! accounts was primarily for personal study purposes and to try out the ‘curating tool’.  I had not intended to ‘gain followers’ – though the more I think about it – each socialmedia tool we use becomes part of our advocacy material – and I need to be aware that everything in my cyberlife is sharing more of who I am and where I’m going as a teacher librarian.


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