Random people – surfing for a word!

Some random person made a has made a comment (I’ve trashed it) about my last post completely based around the word ‘poetry’. Hoping – I’m sure – to get me to go to their site about poetry. I re-read my post involving James and his interest in that subject, and realise, that although I’d used that word in the title – I’d hardly made mention of his interest within the message that followed. The random comment I got was completely out of proportion to the level of ‘poetry content’ within the actual post. Having done some reading of “Outsmarting Google” by Evan Bailyn, I feel this person has set up an automatic alert to ‘hone in on’ that particular word – and then sent a generic comment! Are they trying to get site traffic and hits or ‘likes’? We really do have to make some quick value-judgements to avoid wasting our own time!  I’ve consciously decided to document this incident because it will remind me at a later stage in INF503, that there are going to be some ‘drawbacks’ to going public with this social networking.


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