When is an article regarded as ‘scholarly’?

Thanks Roy – this is from the ETL401 subject Wiki – I thought I’d record it in my Blog rather than ‘bookmark’  (though i might do that too.)

The following information comes from two reputable sites.

CSU Library site at http://www.csu.edu.au/division/library/how-to/faq/peer

The definition provided on this page is, “Articles published in peer-reviewed or refereed journals have been through a formal approval process. An editor and one or more subject specialists reviews the article before it is accepted for publication. This process is intended to ensure that the article is accurate, well-researched, and contributes to the body of knowledge in the field.”

This site also provides a means to determine is a journal is a peer reviewed journal. A very useful tool.

The second resource provides a checklist of the characteristics of scholarly journals and will also prove useful.It is from Texas State University and the address is


Also tried NoodleBib Express today that Sheila alerted me to through our group work.  I feel like the group of 5 ladies working collaboratively on the PowerPoint for assignment 1A, have become a mini PLN (Prof/Personal Learning Network).  I have found a resource with ideas for creating your own mission and vision statements. Another for assessment rubrics too.






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