Collaborative Process

Had felt fairly apprehensive going into the second ‘Neat Chat’ session our group had planned. Not confident about my ability to keep up with suggestions and responses. I need thinking time and then I reread my text for sense, before I hit the return button. (This creates a time lag occasionally – if you take too long the focus has moved on and then the conversation needs you to leap-frog over bits to connect the answers with the right questions). We managed well I thought and I felt that I had I contributed to the progress we made. I was concerned about the absence of one member – and how she’d have responded – and the others seem to want to hurry things along. I guess I don’t know what other things are in their lives at the moment. Feel more positive now about this collaborative process.

Wow, I just went back to the Saskschools Information Literacy: Rubric and have decided that this first assignment in ETL504 is truly asking us to operate pretty much at the EXPERT level.
We have been given an authentic learning task to which we need to apply our skills; out group will design (with scaffold), implement and assess this learning task; our choice of resources will demonstrate our skill and knowledge; the research model is probably a simple ‘Big 6’ – but secondary to the collaborative/communication process; and finally the assessment will include * our product, * the Web 2 process to get it together and then a * self-assessment rubric to evaluate our own contribution to the process and critical knowledge of the relevant research.

Have started to create a rubric identifying the levels of communication and collaboration involved in this assignment task. Seem to recall that 5 levels may have been required – will have to go back and check.  Have tried to upload my initial ideas – but they get mangled in the transfer – so I’ve edited it out!


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