Visions of Leadership

Coming into this ‘Leadership’ course of study, I had already begun to realise that the role of the teacher librarian (TL) would involve going well beyond the confines of the area used to store many of the resources I’d be expected to manage.  Information is increasingly digital and seldom static.  The TL holds a key position to effect and engage learners (both students and staff) across the their school community.  Even to the extent of connecting and utilising the parents and wider community members in the process. I have long understood the value of shared planning and instruction in a face-to-face format – but am now beginning to realise the extensive potential of Web 2.0 connections.  The plethora of ideas and experiences shared ‘online’ is amazing and I feel limited only by my ability to organise and manage my ‘connections’ and time.  I am conscious of a need to stay focused on the task at hand (either at work or within study), while simultaneously continuing to expand my exposure to the digital world.  I know I have the potential to lead change (growth and development) and look forward to creating opportunities to increase my capacity in this area as a teacher librarian.


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