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Dimensions of Learning – DOL | Teacher & Student Planners.

Wow!!  Linking: thinking and learning.

This statement seems to encapsulate where we start when we first meets with students, it’s imperative in our interactions as we ‘teach’ (explicitly, differentiated, and guided with cues and giving constructive feedback) and then with each continued experience that uses new information skills/ knowledge developed – their learning is enhanced when they think about the whole process and where they are now (and perhaps where they still want to go).

from:   The ‘Dimensions of Learning’ Framework:

#2  Aquire and Intergrate Knowledge

#3  Extend and Refine Knowledge

#4  Use Knowledge Meaningfully

These particularly seem to be the focus of Information Literacy in practice.

Dimensions #1 and #5 are more associated with the affective domain and remind me of the Kuhlthau’s ISP model.

An example of a school that has used the DOL framework is described in the research by Maureen Twomey and Mary-Ann Salisbury.

‘Thinking through the thing you do: Creating a thinking culture’

(Wow!  First hyperlink – Thanks Mare X)

Think about it!


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