COLLABORATION: Self-Assessment Rubric – Teacher-Librarian Role

COLLABORATION: Self-Assessment Rubric – Teacher-Librarian Role.

Thanks to all my fellow ‘learners’ for drawing my attention to this tremendous rubric.  Wow – our contact through the forum is an aspect of the ‘collaboration’ process in practice! (Though my confidence finds me doing more ‘lurking’ than contributing at this stage.)  Sharing and communicating in this technology-rich environment.  I’m reminded of the Lorenzo (2007) reference to “actively participating in an eLearning environment is a great way to build up one’s information fluency skills”.  I’m certainly doing that.  Although I came into this course aware that my ICT skill were not at the forefront of my collegiate peers – and aware that they’d need to improve – I didn’t realise that opening up and ‘just doing it’ would catapult me into so much ‘cyber-experience’ and motivate me to further expand my knowledge and learning.  This is the perfect medium (online) for doing a course in 21C Teacher Librarianship.


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