Getting the hang of this . .

Wow – first ETL401 assignment away! – I’ve caught my breath – now to record some reflective thoughts. (I write ‘record’ purposefully because it has been happening often in my mental space – just don’t always have the keyboard attached!) It was a great idea to do the time management topic at the beginning of the course – though I didn’t internalize it sufficiently to action it completely into my own study behaviour. In the final four days leading to that deadline, I realized the worth of organized documents and downloads – and created an ongoing folder system that should improve my efficiency. (Another great strategy to share with tech users/learners).
This whole ‘Blog’ thing is a little challenging too – for one who has rarely written down any reflections. (Though I’m pleased each year that I jotted a few notes about the ‘Mango Chutney’ process and product so that I can re-read and apply to the new batch.) . . . and my typing isn’t fast – though it is improving! Of course, when one has to write it down, one does then make a better effort to order one’s thoughts. It really makes you ‘verbalize’ you thoughts and ideas. Some readings have confirmed that reflection in some form is essential for professional development especially when working collaboratively (Achterman & Loertscher).
Aren’t TLs gems? All those facets to their role! Certainly I’m aware of the focus on reading literacy and literature – that’s the part I know and love. Even the basic search processes that we all go through when we have a task / project that needs completing. I’ve even become sufficiently proficient at using the technology that is available for use in managing our resources. I feel I communicate well – but more often at the level of ‘co-operating’ with teachers to fulfill their requirements. Do feel good when I can connect them with something useful and timely – above and beyond! But rather than just co-operate in a support role, as a valued TL, I need to ensure that the teaching of information literacy skills is happening. So I’ll need to hone my collaborative skills. Gently, gently – using all those ‘working in teams’ strategies to try to get myself into the classroom action more often. Juggling act! Is this URL going to convert to a picture when I publish this post?  Time looks a bit odd too – it’s closer to 2.37pm – I thought daylight-saving was over in the southern states!!


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