It’s been a busy week!

Wow – trying to get through all the activities suggested in the outline for Topics 1 – 6 slightly frazzled my brain.  I also tried to continue reading some other student’s introductions and spent time looking at other people’s blogs to see how they are fairing.      Collected 3 books delivered from the CSU library and looked through them to assess their value and consider a purchase (another web search for prices etc).  I seem to be chasing my tail!

My initial feelings/understandings about the role of the Teacher-Librarian (TL) in a primary school is to foster the development and enjoyment of reading in young children so they continually experience and make sense of our world.  This is then a starting point to encourage discussion and interpretation of any text and to agree on the diversity of perspectives in our world.  Ideally, this in turn would stimulate a desire to go on reading and learning through all available formats within and outside the school environment.

Beyond the reading and talking is the writing.  Asking questions and finding answers. Putting it all together in your their words (from their perspective).  To work through a consistent research process that will lead the searcher to a satisfying conclusion.  Since the TL is the manager of much of the hard-wear resources in the school (books and computers), she will support this process with students as needed and when negotiated with their teachers.

How much is my understanding going to change during this course? (ETL401).  Already I can see the signs that suggest a role beyond that of passive support: being ‘invited’ to help by teachers.  To one where the TL is the proactive initiator of this ‘research’ process and can be the key to the understanding and development of information literacy skills through the primary schooling years.  This not only with students , but also teaching staff.


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