Communicating my understanding

Reading the snippets of information on the forum entries – I often feel that other people are doing the same – but no-one is giving answers!  Well, I decided to change that . . . I responded to a question.  I then decide that this event had now become part of my digital experiences and that I should record it as my first collaborative learning experience within this subject at Charles Stuart Uni.  Something new to note in my blog.

My response to Lindi follows:     Next time I’ll leave my contact details for some feedback.

Hi Lindi,  My understanding is that you create a blog (if you don’t already have one) then each week you use it as a ‘Learning Log’ of what you are reading and thinking about this course content and your developing knowledge and skills . . . so that when you are completing Assign 2 you can refer back to your early ‘understandings and philosophy’ about TLs and their role, and thus demonstrate your reflection and evaluation of your learning.  That’s how I’ve understood the Blog task.  Hope this helps.


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